Long Weekend Gig Frenzy!

It's all a bit mad! Feast or Famine?  Or just a chance to have a huge amount of fun.

Haven't got a ticket for the Festival of Voice?  There's still a chance to hear lots of great music over the weekend.

If you couldn't make my album launch, come and catch a glimpse of' Love's Way', along with a few new tunes. I'll be playing some shows with some fantastic performers as well a few solo spots.

Here's the list (get your diary out, it's complicated!):

Saturday May 31st

11:30 - 12 noon  -  The Message Tearoom
Songwriters from the South - Susan Clarke, Clay Micallef & Tracey Barnett
4:30 - 5pm - Mrs Jones Cafe (DFOV)
7:00 - 7:30pm - Moby's Lounge  support for 
Tracey Barnet($10 entry)

Sunday June 1st

10 - 10:30am    Mrs Jones Cafe (DFOV)
5 - 5:45pm   The White Star - Albany support for Tracey Barnett


Long Weekend Gigs